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Me - Berislav Brajković

At this point I'm doing...

Right now I'm on couple of projects, first of all there is Ambitus who does various projects in architecture, and eco homes. Web is nearly complete but on stand by due to undelivered company text/data.

Regarding college i am heading towards professors degree in math. This is extremely time consuming and painful process and will continue trough out next year. Oh i forgot to add BOOORING AS S@&>!.

If you wanna read my history start from Beginning

Second employment

Second employment came trough company (Novocommerce) for which i made web couple years back. They needed Marketing manager and IT head and new web page. I was the choice because i could do IT and web by myself but marketing was something totally new... So i started to learn how to market a product, participated in various meetings here and abroad. This was an eye opener because up till then i was programer/designer. So i did couple of webpages for them and learned how to design brochures, booklets, newspaper ad's, etc... From engineer i have gone to marketing manager, network analyst, mail admin and designer for print.

But in the meantime i hooked up with Green Studio and presented them with my idea to do app in Python, Django, Google App Engine, etc... They found my idea interesting and gave me a "go".

First employment

After few finished projects i went searching for job trough city and asked few CEO's from local web companies if they needed some additional help. So in the second company i asked i was employed the same day. :D The company name was Inferno. But i was expected to play with Joomla! CMS so first month i worked for 8 - 16 and then went home to eat something and after learned PHP/Joomla till 22. XD

Garage days

After a while i got an offer. I was to make a web page for some car wash and coffee shop. Couple of us moved to my garage and started to learn FLASH, HTML etc... I found FLASH to be excellent choice for my first couple of projects. But flash had limitations... So i started to look at other companies like 2Advanced etc. to pickup some tricks and i noticed there are 3D elements involved... So next came 3D Studio max... Took me a year to realize i don't have enough money to play with 3D.


My computer days began very early in my childhood with Atari, next came Amiga 500. Amiga was revolution at that time and first thing i did when i got it i took it apart to see what is inside. This was not what my parents expected of a kid, so they spanked me for destroying everything i got my hands on... So after a while they bought me Pll - 100mhz with 33.6 modem. Next day this computer was 120 mhz cause i found an article online how to overclock it. :D Next adventure was Athlon 800 mhz. That one i torched down. Honestly what happened was an accident cause i did not properly fix processor and fan on motherboard and it fell off and broke kondensator while computer was running. This caused rotten eggs smell and some localized flames :D.